Thursday, July 3

Very Important Update for All of My Followers!

Hi ladies! It's been years since I posted here but I wanted to let you all know that I no longer own my previous URL at and the links that are redirecting from here to that domain you probably shouldn't click on just to be safe until I can get some of those little bugs worked out here on this SUPER old blogger blog.

Anyways, I have a shiny new mom blog called The Bright Side of Reality. It's a fun new site and I'm looking forward to building it up. I have great things in mind for this blog and I'm so excited to share it all with you.If you follow me on my old twitter account @cheeriokeeper you can remove me and please follow me as @MyBrightReality

I'm looking forward to reconnecting with all of you. I have missed blogging and all of you more than words can even say. I'll see you all on The Bright Side!